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. a resident in parts of arizona are dealing with a big mess. and do you use search engines? what you need to watch out for so you get the information best and most safely online. those stories at 5 on good morning america. top stories making headlines around worth. two massachusetts residents kidnapped in egypt arrived home sunday at logan international airport. the family of michael lieues and -- lewis and a celebration washeld later in the day wherealfonsi and the egyptian tour guide why abducted along sinai road when doing a christian monastary while traveling with a church group. >>> shark attacks are a cause for concern for many swimers in south africa especially in the cape area where most fatalities from the attacks occurred. however, in research scientists researchers have come together to tag the great whites to understand the behavior and movement patterns. more than 130 people have been attacked along the coastline and practically all of the 22 fatalities were in the same area. crews are findings from the expedition could be key to saving creatures from extinction. -- >>> 6 pol
. it's covered with solar devices that use the sunlight's power to run the building. some days they feed energy back to hong kong's grid. >>> protestors threw tomatoes and shoes at hilary clinton's motorcade. she was there to see the u.s. consulate. senior state department official said her car was not hit. this was clinton's last stop in egypt before heading to israel for meetings today. time to start the 5:00 news. >>> breaking news, north baltimore, i'm linda so, live at headquarters, a triple shooting kills one person, we will have details up next. >>> new information on a shooting at a nail salon in ellicott city what police found and the update on patients conditions. >>> hopefully you had a great weekend. loren lone cook has a look at traffic. >>> you felt the humidity. soupy out there. that's going to continue. temperatures will be in the mid- 90s today. we will get hotter in to tomorrow. we will feel it for the next several days. a heat advisory in effect. in effect at lunchtime today, until 8:00, you can see it here in this area here shaded in the orange color, south
dementia and how it could affect your life. >> stay with us. as you know it can be heart breaking for families. but a new study may shed light on the new form of the disease. >> when you leave for your vacation, you are looking for someone to take care of your pet. the companies that are matching pet owners with loving families. as we go to break this morning, you are watching good morning maryland. we will have a live look downtown. we will continue to follow the breaking news and developing story of the water main breakdown town. we are back in a bit. >>> in health news this morning, a huge breakthrough we want to tell you about all involving a drug that could reduce the risk of becoming infected with hiv. researchers have been working for nearly 30 years on this drug. now the fda approved the drug called truvada which is taken as a pill intended for people at high risk for the, posure of hiv. >>> a new report says people diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or mci have a higher risk of dying. they might be wondering why and what it's about. mci is a stage between normal and
representing the u.s., 2008 gold medalist jones relishes the idea of being a role model. >> i think that's huge. i can't tell you how many family members picked up a driver because they saw tiger woods doing it. the beacon of seeing someone that looks like you that is excelling in a sport, getting out of a bad situation, those are the glimpse of hope. >> the 17 year old is the second african american woman to fnzéswim for team u.s.a. >>> rains triggered flooding in costa rica, forcing 1500 to take refuge. the red cross reporting that four people are missing and one person died after rescued from injuries and heart failure. it's typical for heavy ryans this time of year in the country. >>> government tanks and artillery pounded on the rebel held neighborhood in an effort to retake control. activists say fighters control swatches of the territory. the head of the main opposition group, the national counsel is calling for help in arming the rebels to face the regimes went ornery. >>> mitt romney made a stop in israel, he spoke about the need to protect israel from nuclear threats and romney took
girlfriend to marry him but she mess it up. why so many of us will not give up our time in front of the tv even after hours inside a car. time for a check of the forecast with lynette. >> all right. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. but we have a chance for some showers to move in here. i will tell you when that happens. that's coming so stay around. wççÑçÑ >>> there are multiple devies to keep your child from being locked -- devices to keep your child from being locked in a hot car but they are not very reliable when used on their own. experts suggest that you always check the front and back of the car before looking and walking away and teach your kids that the car is not a play area. >>> opening arguments again in the bid bitter ongoing batter between appel and sam sunning -- apple and samsung. in response samsung claims apple is trying to stifle competition and limit consumer choice. apple is seek 2.5 billion dollars in damage. >>> maryland may avoid a cleanup bill after the storms last month that knocked out power. >> good morning maryland at 5 starts right now. >>> now "goo
is encouraging mothers to nurse. the hospital is one of 90 in the u.s. taking part in the best beginnings program and location counselors are on hand and no longer will send moms home with formula samples. but those who ask will be given it. >>> it is unforgettable moment. but how much of it do you want captured. more and more families are hiring a professional photographer to shoot their child's birth. as you can imagine not every expectant mother is comfortable with a stranger in the delivery room. >> it's a choice. it's not something that you are required or have to do. it's an intimate moment and for some people aid private moment and that's -- it's a private moment and that's understandable. >> capturing your child's entry into the world is not cheap. they can actually expect to pay about $3500. now you and your wife are expecting your baby girl. >> october. >> october. so maybe this is the thing for you guys. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> talk it over with her. >> i will bring it up and it will last five seconds and her response is knee way? >> no -- is no way? >> no. >> we have had dos of commen
not dictate at us. talk with us not at us. >> it is scheduled for september. >>> and you may throw back an energy drink at work some districts say they could be harmful to kids. one board is banning all energy drinks from schools. they will not sell the drinks in the vending machines. your kids can not bring them from home either. this has exploded on facebook overnight. and one saying, quote. my solution the kid is sleepy. a nap solves the problem. back in the day they served fountain soda in middle school. >>> back to the scene of shoot shooting rampage in colorado. that's coming up. lawyers spent 90 minutes looking it he criticism scene in the shooting. >>> today not a celebration when it comes to green water you that can see. >>> and a stroller that you put your kids in you may need to be aware. 200,000 being recalled. that's coming up. good morning. megan is off. mike has traffic. >> and we will have issues and going to harbor tunnel we have a win. we'll talk about that. >> you will like the weather. the powerful radar is dry. and we had storms roll into the area and we're nice and
us. they are touting the biggest ever backpack sale. experts say used to it. after a sale slump in april and may they are going after to back to school shoppers earlier than ever. >> very early for school shopping. yes. and they have them in the stores already. and we are not ready for that. >> retailers don't make it this summer and this year they may be out of business next year or the following year. >> among the biggest savings, cotton is down 50%. clothes and accessories discounted as well. >>> airbus is planning to build the first assembly plant here in the united states in mobile, alabama. it's a significant step in the competition with arch rival boeing. now plans to hire 1,000 people to produce 4 planes a month and that's by 2017. all of the aircraft it makes will be sold to airlines in the united states and it will mainly focus on constructing 320 planes which it build more than any other company. >>> here's what's going on on "good morning maryland" coming up in the 5:00 hour. abc2 news is working for you. if you are on a diet and want to stay on track, we have advice
. >> to be honest when i am home with my wife and you know he is around, i am use less. i have nothing he wants. >> you know immediately he is honest. he says he hopes to hoist the lombardi trophy with his baby boy high in the air the end of the coming season. >>> we are gearing up for the preseason action for the ravens. they take on the atlanta falcons abc2 news has you covered. that game will be on abc2 starting early thursday evening august 9th with a pregame show leading up to the kick off. time to start the 5:00 hour. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> heavy -- have you seen this man he is wanted in connection with the kidnapping of a baseball legend's mother. and breaking news this morning a two alarm fire in randallstown early while you were sleeping. the mess those living there are dealing with as dozens of firefighters help knock down the fire. and if you've been dying to try a new restaurant in baltimore city this may be the week to do it. summer restaurant week kits off -- kicks off today a live report on this friday, july 27th. good morning i am charley crowson. this guy is licki
, colorado. new information coming into us just moments ago. we're now learning more about the suspected gunman. >> absolutely. we do know we are hearing reports of 10 dead. we'll keep you posted on this story. we're working the phones. we'll let you know. >>> in the meantime, stay with us this morning, there's a unique website out there we want to tell you about, what you would like people to say about you when you're gone. we'll tell you about mywonderfullife.com. >>> you're watching "good morning maryland." we continue in just a moment. ñ' >>> woar's following breaking news this morning out of aurora, colorado, which is about 10 miles outside of denver. that's where right now police say at least 20 people were hurt, 10 dead in a shooting that happened at a movie theater, the premier of "the dark knight." we're talking about the midnight showing. imagine how many people were in this movie theater. >> we're taking a live look courtesy of kusa. this may drop in and out. we want you to know this is a developing story. we are feeding this live. as we said, 10 confirmed dead. police are n
. take a look. >> 28, 29, 30. >> yes, u.s. marine corps sergeant enrique tremendous see owe does over 2,700 push-ups a day and can do them anywhere from the airport to the top of the fire truck. >> usually when i'm at work. every ten, 15 minutes i'll stop, maybe do 25 to 35. during my lunch. i take an hour out of my time do push-ups. >> trevino is determined to meet the goal and is already halfway there. so far the sergeant says he's raised nearly $10,000. >>> well, about a million people are living with parkinson's disease here in the u.s. and doctors at the cleveland clinic are trying to find new ways to control the symptoms some patients experience. bob is one of them. he's had the disease now for 12 years and he started taking a pill to help him walk and talk. but the medication would wear off suddenly. then he had a tube inserted into his stomach attached to the pack. it administers his ms more consistently but is not a cure but doctors hope it will help patients manage their symptoms better on down the road. >>> well, in other health news staph infections are increasing among memb
of visibility issues around us. winchester, you are dealing with showers and storms, culpepper, more of the same there. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. you are talking about a house fire. >> yes , there is a house fire baltimore, north of patterson park. it shuts downlinwood at fayette. stick with lakewood. the fire department confirms no one injured. if you are traveling on 895, all the construction continues south of the harbor tunnel toll plaza. not causing a back up. later, stick with the fort mc henry or the key bridge as your alternate route. as we look at 95, eastern avenue, everything is up to speed. nice easy ride in to the city this morning, here is a look at 695, parkville, harford road. 11 minutes from 95, up to 83. that's a look at you time save traffic. >>> today you are asked to limit the amount of water you use, dpw workers will be testing city water mains that need repair. linda so is live this morning with how this could be affecting you. >> reporter: there might be a chance you could lose your water for an hour today whether u at wok or at home. th
to the problem. >>> ban on single use plastic bags went in to effect in seattle. shoppers were taken by surprise. stores like safeway and whole foods gave away reusable bags for day one of the big change. if you don't want to bring your bag, pay $0.05 per paper bag. plastic bags make up 1% of the trash in seattle. the counsel approved the ban, they did so back in december. >>> if you are a facebook user, you may have a reason to come plain about the timeline feature that's caused confusion. this happens if you have a mobile device or software that synchronizes your dress book to facebook. last week, users learned email addresses got changed to@facebook.com addresses. >>> toyota is extending a recall. the car maker added the rx350 and 450 hybrid crossover to the 2010 list of recalls. it affects those made in november 2008 through september of 2010. includes 150,000 toyota vehicles. >>> here is a look at what is coming up for the 5:00 hour, edgewater family grieving after their son is killed during friday night's storms. we will hear from the father about what happened. >>> cape cod visitors had a
interviews with witnesses, gun shop owners where zimmerman bought the gun that was used to kill trayvon martin. george zimmerman is currently out on bail in a safe house awaiting the next court date which is in august. >>> a scholarship has been created hon nothinger the former principal who was murdered in florida. this morning abc2 news linda so is here with how former students are remembering that leader. linda? >> reporter: norman was like a father, more than a presence pal. former students got together at chesapeake high yesterday after learning he had been murdered. his body was found last week in a florida canal with the bag over his head. and duct tape covering his mouth. police havery arrested two teens who confessed to beating, binding and gagging norman possibly for money. norman worked for the anne arundel school system from 1961 to 1989. he was the first principal at chesapeake high from '76 until '83. and auditorium was named after him. former students say the lessons norman taught them have stuck. >> it didn't matter what you had done. what trouble you could have gotten i
paying back for credit card products customers simply couldn't use. >>> plus, a picture posted online is a prank. now going viral. how this photo ended up costing three fast food workers their jobs. those stories coming up in just minutes. >>> all right, the kids are not thinking about going back to school but you may want to so you can save some money. back to school shopping will cost you about $700 per kid. trust me. i did addable take when i heard this. now most of that is spent on clothes but parents also going to shell out dough on electronics and school supplies and for about $85 more than parents spent last night. >> when you think about how much people are spending, a lot of them have tried to make do with what they had over the last several years and they want to make sure that that their kids have everything they need to go back to school this year. >> the deals to watch for are the ones in stores and online as well. whitney houston's talent is something many will never forget but now parts of her legacy and career going on display at the grammy museum. the new exhibition o
best when a child is motivated to use it. >>> having man's best friend around the house could be better than an apple a day to keep the doctor away especially for your infants. listen to this. a new study out of finland found children who have a dog or a cat during the first year of life are healthier and suffer fewer respiratory infection and if you are wondering, dogs provide better benefits than cats. complete finding is published in the journal of pediatrics. >>> time for check around the world. severe flooding in parts of russia being blamed for at least 150 deaths that number could go up today. thousands have been forced from their homes and this is the worst hit area they remain along the black sea where flood watters destroyed homes and pushed trucks out to sea. >>> and in china firefighters rescued a 7-year-old boy from a tower crane almost 100 feet in the air according to witnesses who saw that boy climb up the crane when playing with other kids at a construction site near the villageer with lives. when the firefighters arrived on the scene, the boy was too scared to could any
>>> thanks for staying with us. breaking news out of columbus, ohio. five cars have derailed shortly before 2:00 this morning, causing a massive fire. neighbors reported feeling an explosion miles away from that crash scene that you're looking at live right now. firefighters and hazmat crews are on the scene trying to get this under control. officials still don't know what caused the derailment. right now there are no reports of injuries, but anybody within a mile radius of this derailment -- again, a live look courtesy of wbns, they have all been evacuated from the surrounding area. >>> the stories we're working on for 5:00, an anti-bullying event happening friday in baltimore. sheree johnson will be chatting live this morning with supporters of that event, including howard county councilman greg fox and maryland's first lady katie o'malley. >>> in health news, a new study finds your child isn't getting enough exercise at school. we're going to look at how p.e. dpliens are coming up short. >>> and we have highlights from the all-star game last night featuring three o's. a
it out. >>> here's stories we're working on for you, a drug commonly used for diabetes may help patients with alzheimer's, and the nation's presbyterian nomination has come out against corporal punishment for children. we're telling more about a resolution that was recently passed with the presbyterians and by key anies for babies -- bikinis, is this onesie going too far. that's all coming up new this morning at 5:00. >>> news around the world, london police remain on high alert, they arrested six people yesterday over a suspected terror plot. earlier in the day police responded to suspicious activity, on a bus, possibly a bomb. in the end everything was cleared out. the culprit was an electronic cigarette. >>> a judge sentenced an an dictator, prosecutors claim that jorge hatched a plan to, he denies those charges. it's time to start the 5:00 news. >> now, good morning maryland. >>> more than a million phonecalls and still going strong. we have live at a bte call center. live reports all day. >> a new law to keep your children safe the pool goes into effect today. what is now required
all over the u.s. it's from 3:00 in the afternoon until 8:00 in the evening. the show begins on abc 2 at 7:30 p.m., begins september 17th. for more information, go to our website, abc2news.com/la a. >>> penalties on penn state came down like a ton of bricks. i'm charley crowson, meagan is off today. we welcome back lynette charles and mike massco handling traffic. >> the scene coming up in a second. >> so far, so good. >> orioles are back in town. >> a lot of people are having fingers crossed. hopefully the game won't get delayed or rained out. the heat continues, it's warm and balmy, dry and mostly clear, don't let that fool you. the heating can bubble the thunderstorms up. we will have the above average temperatures once again. speaking of temperatures, now we are coming in at 74, sykesville, walkersville 76. good morning, west friendship, 71. the winds are light right now. they are west. as we go in to the afternoon, they will pick up more. i'm going to call it breezy this afternoon. satellite and radar, not a lot this morning. clouds up to the north. mainly clear skies, dry times
test had be available soon for a use at home. it's a kit that you basically swab your upper and lower gums with your mouth and place the sample into a developer vile. the -- developer vile. the results are available 20 to 40 minutes a positive result doesn't mean you are infected. the rapid test kit is available in storms and online in early october. >>> vitamin d helps to keep your bones strong later in life. but there's debate about how much is the most beneficial a study finds taking about 800 international units or more maybe of what protects the bones best reer is she found people -- researchers found people who took vitamin d in that amount were more likely to reduce their risk for bone fractures and reduce muscle strengths. people over 65 may benefit from dealy vitamin d supplements greater than 800 international units. charley. >>> crash avoidance systems may be doing their job in keeping drivers safer a study says high tech systems could save you money if you are in a accident. the vehicles that automatically warn drivers about the potential collisions in front of them result
interesting. >>> stay with us this morning. if you are waking up with us, you should be thinking aboutmaybe work out a lot of you do -- working out. a lot of you do. soon you may be grabbing pills many we will tell you about a new pill and what the fda aprobed that could help you shed more than 20 pounds. >>> and we know the beaches are a great place to get away, butyou might want to stay there especially after hearing the latest results about seaside living. >> all right. i am meteorologist mike masco and it's hot out there. 81 foaling like 83 downtown. -- feeling like it's 83 downtown. we will show outseven-day forecast coming up -- you the seven-day forecast coming up. >> reporter: 895 nice and clear but we are dealing with a massive water main break in downtown baltimore. here's what it looks like this morning. light street remains shut down. i will have the details and we will let you know when this break will be fixed coming up on "good morning maryland." [ male announcer ] we got a real mom and the family car to do an experiment. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at o
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